What is white coffee beans? Discover special things about white coffee

White coffee has become increasingly popular in recent years, and is a favorite drink of many coffee lovers. So what is white coffee beans, how are they different from regular coffee?

1. What is white coffee beans?

As the name suggests, white coffees are much lighter in color than traditional coffees. White coffee is actually a type of light roast. The lower amount of the impact heat results in a brighter coffee bean color. White coffee requires very strict roasting techniques. They require roasters to have an in-depth knowledge of the coffee and to control the roasting process properly. The finished product is the brown coffee beans, much lighter than other roasted beans.

With standard roast coffee, the temperature can be up to 230 degrees, but for white coffee, the roasting temperature is only allowed at 168-180 * c.

The taste of white coffee differs greatly from standard coffee, and they have loads of health benefits that you should try once in your life.

What is white coffee beans?

What is white coffee beans?

2. What kind of coffee bean is white coffee processed from?

All types of coffee can be used to process white coffee. Usually arabica and robusta. White coffee made from arabica coffee has a higher quality and a richer flavor.

3. The taste of white coffee

With a short roasting time and low roasting temperature, the taste of white coffee is very appealing and has a distinct sour taste. In particular, the natural sugar that is not caramelized during the roasting process causes white coffee to have almost no bitter taste.

4. The caffeine content of white coffee

Many people believe that lighter coffee color means lower caffeine content. This point is completely incorrect, the amount of caffeine changes only with varying elevation or varieties – Ethiopian coffee, for example, usually has less caffeine than Brazilian coffees because of the difference in elevation. Just like about the Robusta variety will have twice the amount of caffeine than the Arabica

In fact during roasting, the amount of caffeine before and after roasting is completely unchanged and only 0.1% deviation – not enough to have a significant effect on caffeine levels.

5. Benefits of white coffee for health

The biggest benefit of drinking this coffee is the amount of chlorogen acid it has. Chlorogen acid is a natural antioxidant that helps to detoxify the body. This improves the cardiovascular health of some people, but it is no substitute for a healthy lifestyle. The amount of chlorinated acid is higher if you brew your coffee as an espresso.

The biggest benefit of drinking this coffee is the amount of chlorogen acid it has

The biggest benefit of drinking this coffee is the amount of chlorogen acid it has

6. How to make white coffee

White coffee tastes best when brewed in espresso form. However, they can also be prepared in the form of a drip. The standard brew ratio is 16 countries: 1 coffee.

It’s important to note that white coffee beans absorb more water than dark beans, so make sure you don’t let it sit for too long, 4 minutes is standard.

7. How to enjoy white coffee

White coffee is best to drink whole. That just means don’t add any milk or cream to it, but actually bring out the nutty flavor of the coffee. Those who still want another type of white milk may want to try almond milk, as it has the same color as mixed white coffee.

It’s already less bitter than regular coffee so you won’t need to add too much sugar, but if you like sweet coffee then you can add less sugar or a sugar substitute like honey or splenda.

White coffee is best to drink whole.

White coffee is best to drink whole.

8. Distinguishing White Coffee – Flat White Coffee

A lot of people are confused between White Coffee – Flat White Coffee

Flat White coffee is coffee mixed with other ingredients such as condensed milk, fresh milk. More simply, Flat White coffee is hot milk, add a little coffee or condensed milk mixed with boiling water, then add coffee.

In Vietnam, Flat White coffee often has a familiar name such as “coffee with milk”. Is a form of coffee made from black coffee with sugar and mixed with other ingredients such as condensed milk, fresh milk

In the US or Australia, Flat White coffee is commonly understood as espresso machine coffee with freshly beaten milk. It is Cappuccino, Latte, …

Meanwhile, white coffee is a completely different form of roasting to create bright and less bitter coffee beans.


White coffee is a great alternative to regular coffees. They have a unique taste, are low in bitterness and have many health benefits. If you are looking for a coffee with a different flavor, then try white coffee.

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