Update coffee prices on October 1, 2020 – Coffee prices today

Coffee prices today increased on October 1 in the world market. Robusta coffee prices in London increased slightly to 1,305 USD / ton, while Arabica prices in New York traded to 110.95 US cents / lb after leveling off yesterday.

Update Coffee prices on October 1, 2020 domestically

Today, coffee prices recorded at the beginning of the morning in key areas of the Central Highlands increased slightly after 2 consecutive days of decline. The levels fluctuate in the range of 31,100 – 31,700 VND / kg.

In Di Linh district (Lam Dong), today coffee prices were purchased at 31,100 VND / kg. Bao Loc district (Lam Dong), Lam Ha (Lam Dong) coffee prices at the same level at 31,200 VND / kg, an increase of 100 VND / kg.

In Cu M’gar district (Dak Lak), the coffee price today is 31,600 VND / kg. In Ea H’leo (Dak Lak), Buon Ho (Dak Lak), the coffee price today was purchased at 31,700 VND / kg.

Price of coffee beans on October 1, 2020

Price of coffee beans on October 1, 2020

Similar in Dak Nong province, the price of coffee purchased today was 31,300 VND / kg at Gia Nghia and Dak R’lap).

In Gia Lai province, the price of coffee today is 31,500 VND / kg (Chu Prong), in Pleiku and La Grai the same price is 31,400 VND / kg. Today, coffee prices in Kon Tum province are purchased at 31,400 VND / kg. Thus, the price of coffee beans in the Central Highlands market increases by an average of 100-200 VND / kg.

Coffee exports from Vietnam in the first nine months of this year are expected to decline by 1.4 percent year-on-year.

World coffee prices on October 1

Ending the session this morning (Vietnam time), the price of Robusta coffee in London increased by 1 USD / ton (0.08%) for delivery in November 2020, traded at 1,305 USD / ton; for delivery in March 2021 increased $ 2 at 1,348. Meanwhile in the New York floor in the US, the price of Arabica coffee delivered in December 2020 increased 1.4 cents / lb (1.28%) to 110.95 cents / lb; delivered in March 2021 increased 1.30 cents /lb (1.17%) to 112.7 cents / lb.

Coffee prices on October 1 at the London and New York exchanges

Coffee prices on October 1 at the London and New York exchanges

According to the assessment, coffee prices have fallen in the past few days due to forecast weather this week will have more rain on the main coffee growing areas in southeastern Brazil; This will support the new flowering plants well. In addition, some EU countries re-established social distance measures and the fear of Covid-19 epidemics for the second time in the absence of investors also contributed to weakening commodity markets.

According to a Reuters survey, Brazil has completed the record crop with an estimated 68 million bags (60kg type).

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