The striking differences between black pepper and white pepper

Both black and white pepper are spice used very popular all over the world. In addition to the differences in color and price, there are many differences between them. Specifically, take a look in our article.

1 / Processing process

Black pepper: people pick fruit when there are some red or yellow fruits on the cluster, that is when the fruit is still green; the fruit is too young without a crunchy skull, when exposed to brittle fragments, other fruits when exposed to pods will hunt, turn black.

Different processing methods between 2 types of pepper

Different processing methods between 2 types of pepper. Photo: Internet.

White pepper: when the fruits are ripe, they are picked, then soaked in water when the pepper skin and intestines soften, rub and take the remaining core. After that, bring pepper to the sun to dry and pack. The pepper will then become white. White pepper is ivory-white or gray, less wrinkled and less fragrant (because the peel contains the lost essential oils) but is more spicy (because the fruit is ripe). There are two types of white pepper, white and yellow-bellied white pepper.

2 / The difference in aroma between black pepper and white pepper

Black pepper:

Because there is still a shell, it is more fragrant than white pepper.

White pepper:

Less fragrant because it has to go through many stages such as soaking, rubbing so it loses the crust.

However, when preparing food, if using white pepper will have a strong smell of fermentation.

3 / Spicy level

Black pepper is less spicy than white pepper, when eaten on the spicy will gradually absorb, after a while people will see spicy.

When eating white pepper, when you eat it will feel spicy right away due to the processing.

4 / Preservation time

Black pepper has a longer storage time than white pepper. Due to being dried under high temperature, black pepper has a longer storage time, not damaged by external factors.

White pepper, due to the more complex processing process than black pepper, will reduce the storage time. When preserved white pepper for a long time will be bitter and lose its inherent deliciousness.

Black pepper has a longer storage time than white pepper

Black pepper has a longer storage time than white pepper. Photo: Internet.

5 / Processing method

Black pepper with a strong aromatic flavor should be used to prepare a variety of cuisines of domestic and international cuisine.

White pepper is often used with light-colored dishes such as soups, mashed potatoes, etc. White pepper is widely used in the cuisines of countries like China, Thailand, and France.

6 / Uses

Black pepper is used as a medicine to treat health problems such as cough, sore throat or cold. Besides, black pepper also gives you many other health benefits. It is a spice that helps prevent breast cancer, aids weight loss and helps fight colds, and treats stomach problems like indigestion, bloating, and constipation. In addition, black pepper is also used to beautify the skin, make it smoother and reduce dandruff effectively.

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White pepper has less healing effects than black pepper hat and is often used as an ingredient for aromatic dishes and in dishes that use milk or cream as foundation.

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