The process of peeling raw cashew nuts, The fastest way to peel cashew nuts

How to peel the cashew nuts has a great impact on the quality of cashew kernel. Therefore, the process of peeling raw cashew nuts (fresh cashew) must be done by specialized machines and skillfully handled by experienced workers.

Normally, the process of peeling fresh cashew nuts consists of 5 steps below.

1. Cashew nuts drying and grading

Freshly harvested cashew nuts will be dried. Then, screened and sorted according to size. This screening will be useful for cutting and removing impurities such as soil, rock, trash … mixed in cashew. Once sorted, the cashew will be stored in bags and stored in batches.

Cashew nuts after drying will be screened and classified according to the TCVN 12380: 2018 national standard on raw cashew nuts. Consisting of sizes A, B, C, D. Maybe manufacturers will screen out more sizes: A +, A1, A2, B1, B2, C and D; corresponding to the appropriate tool size to avoid the situation of broken cashew nuts, back cracks rather than the floor according to 3 basic types.

Freshly harvested cashew nuts will be dried.

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2. Steam cashew to de-acidify

After sorting, the cashews will be steamed to de-acidify the cashew shell. Large cashews have a longer steaming time compared to small cashews. After steaming, let cool and assemble the pre-ground knife into the machine according to the size of the cashew nut; the big one is the big knife, and similar to the small cashew nut, the knife is small.

This steaming process helps to soften the shell of cashew, facilitating separation between the porous shell and the silk shell; therefore facilitating the cutting process.

The process includes the following steps:
Cashew should be put into the steaming cage, the quantity of goods is 1,600 kg – 2,500 kg per steaming, at a pressure of 0.7 kg / cm3 – 2.0 kg / cm2, the steaming time is from 20 to 50 minutes (depending on the source Whether). Then, the cashew nuts are conveyed to the cooling platform; After cooling, it will put into the shipping trays.

3. How to peel cashew nuts.

Requiring workers to participate in production must ensure hygiene and health requirements; The factory – production tools must also be absolutely hygienic. Cashew nuts are peeled, separated by specialized knives; in order to improve the quality of products, to meet requirements in the product creation process. How to peel cashew nuts requires a certain skill and technique of workers. During this process, careful handling should be taken to avoid the case of cashew being peeled or broken – broken – stabbed.

How to peel cashew nuts.

How to peel cashew nuts.

4. Drying cashew

“Drying” helps to ripen the cashew kernel, creating conditions for the silk cover to separate from the cashew kernel; kill pathogenic microorganisms through heat, to meet the requirements in the production process. Dry cashew kernels in the oven for about 11 ± 2 hours. After that, cashew nuts are put into barrels, transferred to silk peeling by conveyor.

5. Peel off the silk

To meet product processing requirements and improve product sensibility; After drying is finished; the worker peels with a knife. Workers involved in this stage must ensure hygiene and health requirements; The factory and the tools must also ensure hygiene. During the process of peeling, try to avoid breaking and do not break the kernel; Because this will lose the aesthetics and reduce the value of the product. After peeling the silk, the kernel will have a semicircular shape with an opaque white color.

Above is the whole process of peeling raw cashew nuts to obtain white cashews. To see the full process of cashew processing from harvesting to packaging and exporting, please see details here: Processing of cashew nuts for export at the factory of Asia Commodities