Statistics of Vietnam’s pepper export markets in 2019.

According to preliminary statistics of the General Department of Customs; Vietnam’s pepper export volume in 2019 increased by 22% compared to 2018, reaching 283,836 tons, but the value decreased by 5.9%, reaching 714. , 14 million USD.

1. Vietnam’s pepper export increased in volume but decreased in turnover

The export volume of pepper in December 2019 was estimated at 16,603 tons; equivalent to US $ 40.1 million, down 2.4% in volume but up 0.2% in turnover compared to November 2019; over the same period last year also increased by 32.2% in volume but down 1.1% in turnover.

The export price of pepper in December 2019 increased by 2.7% compared to November 2019; but sharply decreased by 25.2% compared to the same month in 2018; reaching an average of US $ 2,415.5 / ton. In the whole year, the export price also dropped sharply by 22.8% compared to last year; reaching 2,516 USD / ton.

Pepper exported to the US – Vietnam’s largest consumer market for pepper this year; prices also fell 21.2% compared to last year, reaching only US $ 2,738.8 / ton. Although the export of pepper to the US increased by 17.1% compared to 2018; the turnover decreased by 7.8%, reaching 51,506 tons equivalent to US $ 141.06 million; accounting for 18.1% of the total pepper exports of the whole country and accounted for 19.8% of total turnover.

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The price of pepper exported to the EU – the second largest market also dropped sharply by 21.2% to 3,006.9 USD / ton. The amount of pepper exported to the EU increased by 23.6%; but the value decreased by 2.7%, reaching 34,122 tons, worth US $ 102.6 million; accounting for 12% of the total volume and accounting for 14.4% of the total turnover.

Vietnam’s pepper exported to Southeast Asian countries in general accounted for nearly 7% of the total and total export turnover of pepper nationwide; reaching 19,723 tons, equivalent to 49.67 million USD, up 51.6 % in volume and 14% in turnover over the previous year. Export price to this market also decreased by 24.8% to an average of US $ 2,518.4 / ton.

In general, pepper exports to all markets this year have decreased compared to the previous year, so although many markets increased sharply in volume, turnover still decreased; some markets increased strongly both in volume and turnover; such as Turkey: up 92.7% in volume and 48.3% in turnover, reaching 5,146 tons, equivalent to 10.92 million USD; Russia increased by 41.7% in volume and by 11.2% in turnover, reaching 5,708 tons, equivalent to 12.42 million USD.

Export dropped sharply in markets such as Singapore, down 53.9% in volume and 63.8% in turnover, reaching 826 tons, equivalent to 2.11 million USD; Australia decreased by 23.9% in volume and by 38.1% in turnover, reaching 1,821 tons, equivalent to US $ 5.97 million.

2. Detailed statistics table of the situation of import and export of Vietnamese pepper in 2019