Purchasing green coffee beans in bulk / importing green coffee should pay attention to what?

Purchasing large quantities of green coffee beans with exceptional quality from different regions of the world requires you to carefully understand the suppliers. This will be easier if you know the following notes.

I. The technical criteria to consider when purchasing green coffee beans

1/ Choose between robusta and Arabica

Arabica and Robusta are two types of coffees that are commonly used in the world. Between them there are significant differences from how to grow, care for, to processing. The biggest difference is the taste

  • Arabica coffee beans are generally considered to produce a roast with more desirable flavors. They’re more expensive than robusta beans.
  • Robusta coffee beans are considered to have a less desirable flavor profile than arabica beans; but they’re cheaper and some people like to use them in blends and espresso.
Arabica coffee and Robusta Coffee

Arabica coffee and Robusta Coffee. Photo: internet.

2/ Processing method of green coffee bean

This is also an important criterion to consider when buying green coffee beans from international suppliers. Processing methods directly affect the flavor and concentration of caffeine

Currently, there are 2 popular methods of processing green coffee: wet and dry processing.

  • Dry processing produces coffee beans that are sweeter and heavier with a more distinct taste.
  • Wet processing produces coffee beans that have a light, clean taste.

3/ Inquire about the coffee beans’ characteristics.

Flavor: Find green coffee beans with flavor profiles that sound good to you. If you like sweet things, look for beans that have flavors like chocolate, berry, and caramel.

Acidity: Coffee that’s more acidic tastes cleaner, crisper, and more refreshing.

Body: The body of a coffee is how it feels in your mouth. Some coffees feel thick in the mouth, while others feel lighter and thinner.

Balance: When a coffee is balanced, it means no one flavor stands out over the others. With a balanced coffee, you can enjoy all of the flavors in the roast equally.

Complexity: Look for coffee beans that produce a complex roast if you want something with a lot of different flavors and characteristics. Complex coffees are multidimensional.

the coffee beans' characteristics.

The coffee beans’ characteristics. Photo: Internet

II. Purchase green coffee beans

1/ Predefined purchasing area

Different geographical areas offer different types of coffee with different flavors and qualities. From your consumption needs; you will be able to determine which part of the world is the type of cafe that suits your needs.

Moreover, try searching for “coffee suppliers near me” to find a local supplier, if you are not comfortable with deals from abroad.

2/ Identify a reliable supplier

There are many ways to identify a reliable supplier. First of all, ask the supplier to show the certificates that they have; besides, ask to see actual photos of the factory, product detail photos. Moreover, please pay the fee to see the sample of the product before importing.

In addition, you should also review the buyer’s reviews first to determine whether a supplier is reputable.

The coffee factory was built by Asia Commodities

The coffee factory was built by Asia Commodities. Photo: Asia Commodities

3/ Transporting and storing green coffee

Preserving green coffee properly will help retain the flavor of coffee in the long run. During shipping with containers, ask the supplier to avoid exposing the coffee to sunlight, heat and humidity. In addition, it is not allowed to put them with other materials in the same container.

See more: The note when storing green coffee beans.

Above are some things to keep in mind when you want to buy / import green coffee in bulk. If you are looking for a reliable green coffee supplier then Asia Commodities is a good choice.

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