Thom lai


Fragrant Rice’s quality criteria:

Broken (basic ¾) 5% max
Foreign matters 0.1% max
Chalky kernels 2,5% max
Glutinous kernels 1%
Red and Streaked kernels 0.2% max
Yellow kernels 0.3% max
Damaged kernels 0.1% max
Moisture 14% max
Paddy grain 2 hạt/kg max
Average length of grain 6,6 mm Min
Purity of fragrance rice 90% Min
Milling degree Well milled, double polished, sorted
Crop Current Crop


Rice Characteristics:

  • Appearance: has long and thin shape with translucent white color. This rice shares identical shape to KDM rice although KDM is more shimmering / translucent. New / fresh crops has strong fragrant scent.
  • After cooked: the rice is soft, a little bit sticky together with fragrant smell.

Number of crops per year:

Three (Feb to April – Winter Spring, June to August – Summer Autumn and November to December – Autumn Winter).

Growing areas:

Primarily in Long An province from the Mekong Delta but also being grown in some other provinces.