Today, among the myriad of types of rice sold in the market with a variety of origins and qualities that make buyers extremely difficult to choose. In addition, the technology of bleaching, flavoring aromatherapy, … for rice makes us more confused in the selection of good and safe for health. So how to buy delicious rice, how to recognize delicious rice? Join us to find out in the article below.

Good rice first must be new rice

Good rice first must be new rice.

I. Criteria to remember to recognize delicious rice

Delicious rice must firstly be new, in the right crop

In terms of sensibility, when choosing rice can grasp a handful of grains, if you look at the seeds are regular, white embryos, few seeds broken, little gold seeds ivory (grinded from young rice), smell of sweet smell It is usually a new kind of rice, and it is old enough for the whole day, being sun-dried and less moldy.

One of the secrets to choosing delicious rice is that you should choose the right rice season. When the rice is in season at the right time of harvest, the grain of rice is both delicious and supple to eat, making it extremely dull. You should also buy rice from reputable rice dealers; because the rice in these places is tested for healthy quality and guaranteed to be of high quality.

New rice is naturally aromatic

If the rice has an unnatural odor or a foul odor, it is usually the old rice or the artificial flavored rice. To identify this type of rice you can observe when cooking rice, this kind of rice will lose its smell when cooked or leave after a few days to buy.

One trick that you can pick up is to chew some three live grains. If you feel the natural sweet and light in the mouth, then it is good rice.

Artificial incense oil will lose its aroma when cooked

Housewives generally prefer pure white rice, but in fact from the experience of the rice farmers share the grain of rice bran is much more delicious when cooked. compared to the white milled rice. Therefore, do not rush to appreciate that the rice is too clean because it is both nutrient deficient and unsafe because it is bleached from poor quality rice.

In general, the new and delicious rice will have seeds, stretch but not too white, smell the nose will have a natural aroma. Housewives or buyers of rice should pay attention to the above characteristics to choose the best rice, quality and reasonable price.