Good wholesale coffee supplier are not simply providing good quality products. Even if their products are the best in the market, slow delivery times and insufficient quantities will seriously hurt your business.

So how to choose the wholesale coffee supplier that is right for you, please note the tips below.

1/ Save a list of potential wholesale coffee suppliers

Do not just focus on the top suppliers on the search engine pages, because it is not sure that the products they offer are the best. List a list of potential suppliers, then contact them, wait for a response and select the appropriate ones.

2/ Ask about the origin of coffee

Origin of coffee is an important factor determining the taste and quality of coffee beans.

Not only ask clearly about the coffee growing area, you should ask more about how to choose coffee beans, processing methods, whether organic products, quality certification …

The wet / dry processing method directly affects the flavor and caffeine content of coffee beans.

Ask about the origin of coffee

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3/ Consistency in providing coffee

Consistency in providing coffee is essential to ensure you always have goods available. Ask suppliers about the coffee season, delivery schedules and the availability of the products they offer. Some types of coffee are only available at certain times of the year due to the unique climatic conditions of each region.

The stability of the supply of goods and their quality help you retain customers and create brand reputation.

4/ Sample request

Before ordering, you should request samples. Do not place your orders based on your senses only from the supplier’s advertisements, photos and packaging. Sample requests are a good way to evaluate a supplier’s product quality.

You may have to pay for the request to see the sample first or be free, depending on the provider.

See a sample to know what the coffee bean looks like in terms of color, shape, breakage of the beans … thereby helping you negotiate the price more accurately.



5/ Request capacity profile of supplier

If you consider suppliers based on their websites, remember to save the customers they refer. From there, contact these customers and ask about the reputation of the supplier.

If there are no customers on the website they recommend, ask them directly about the customers you can contact.

After reviewing customer reviews, ask your supplier for a record of their competence.

Evaluate suppliers’ competency profiles and choose the one that best suits you based on your financial capacity, your coffee bean needs and the stability of your supply.

6/ Visit their production facilities if you can

Many suppliers can easily have a beautiful and professional sales website, but their production facilities are not.

If you can’t come to the facility, ask them to show you a real video of the factory and the production line. This is one of the factors that ensure that the supplier you choose is reputable or not.


7/ Do not forget your business goals

During supplier research, never deviate from the business objectives and the type of coffee you are looking for. Some people easily get caught up in tempting advertisements. Remember, the type of coffee you choose must match the target market you are targeting, while also matching the budget you are allowed to pay.

List of things to do when choosing a wholesale coffee supplier

Firstly, List of potential suppliers

Secondly, Ask about the origin of coffee

Thirdly, Request a sample view

Fourthly, Visit the production facility

Fifthly, Consult their customers

Finally, Do not forget your business goals.

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