12 November2020

Update on coffee prices on 12/11/2020: coffee prices continued to rise sharply

Coffee prices on 12/11 increased with general goods as optimism about the covid-19 vaccine increased sharply and the controversy over the US election strengthened USDX. Updated coffee prices on November 12 on London and New York floors. At the end of the session, Robusta coffee prices on ICE Europe – London continued to rise. Futures […]

11 November2020

Update on coffee prices on 11/11/2020: prices reversed sharply

Coffee prices on 11/11 simultaneously increased in key areas. World coffee prices also reversed sharply in London and New York markets. Updated coffee prices on 11/11 on London and New York floors The market does not seem to be paying too much attention to the US election results, but expectations for the covid-19 preventative vaccine […]