decaf coffee
30 July2020

What is decaf coffee, what you need to know about decaf coffee

1. What is Decaf coffee? Decaf coffee stands for decaffeinated coffee, meaning that coffee has been removed up to 97% caffeine. In the past, many people were quite skeptical when using decaf coffee for fear of the impact of organic solvents in decaffeinating process will adversely affect health. However, at present, decaf coffee is known […]

Coffee beans,In the ferment and wash method of wet processing
14 July2020

What is wet processed coffee/washed coffee? Why is it popular?

After harvesting, coffee fruit will undergo processing to separate the kernels. There are 3 processing methods used most commonly today are dry, wet and honey. So, What is wet processed coffee? The process of implementation and advantages and disadvantages of the wet processing method. Let’s find out! I. What is wet processed coffee? Coffee processed […]