13 October2020

What is white coffee beans? Discover special things about white coffee

White coffee has become increasingly popular in recent years, and is a favorite drink of many coffee lovers. So what is white coffee beans, how are they different from regular coffee? 1. What is white coffee beans? As the name suggests, white coffees are much lighter in color than traditional coffees. White coffee is actually […]

cashews with shell background
10 August2020

The process of peeling raw cashew nuts, The fastest way to peel cashew nuts

How to peel the cashew nuts has a great impact on the quality of cashew kernel. Therefore, the process of peeling raw cashew nuts (fresh cashew) must be done by specialized machines and skillfully handled by experienced workers. Normally, the process of peeling fresh cashew nuts consists of 5 steps below. 1. Cashew nuts drying […]