Cashew nuts price per kg, latest price list of Vietnamese cashew nuts in 2020

Cashew nuts price depends on many factors such as grain size, nutritional content, origin, processing stage, market impact …. but in general, they are most affected by the following three factors

  • Finished products of cashew nuts
  • Types of cashews
  • Origin of cashews

I. Factors affecting cashew nuts price

1. Processing and finished products

Cashew nut prices depend heavily on processing. Because to have the final product, cashew will have to go through many stages of processing, as well as various screening. Each facility has a different processing process, so the quality of each facility’s cashew will also be different. Accordingly, the price of cashew nuts in these facilities is also different.

Cashew finished products through processing stages can be mentioned as follows:

Fresh unroasted kernels (often used for export purposes)
Whole position drying
Roasted cashews with salt
Cashew honey

The price of unprocessed cashew nuts is lower than that of processed cashews. In Vietnam, cashew exports are mainly live unprocessed kernels.

Cashew nuts

Cashew nuts. Image: Internet

2. Types of cashew nuts

Cashew nuts are classified according to different standards, applicable to exports and domestic consumption. Based on these criteria, the manufacturer will decide different prices according to the shape of the cashew nut.

Depending on the size of the nut, the color and the rupture of the cashew nut, they are divided into different categories. If exported, seeds will be graded based on international standards denoted by an alphabet (specifically below); enclose the next figure (corresponding to the number of seeds counted on 454 grams, or one pound).

W: Wholes

S: Splits

B: Butts

P: Pieces

LWP: Large White Pieces

SWP: Small White Pieces

BB: Baby Bits

Popular are the following types: W450, W320, W240, W210, W180, SK1, WS, LP, SP

Each type of cashew nuts has a separate price depending on the size of big / small, light color / yellow / brown, the cracked size of the nuts … Big nuts will cost more.

See more: General specification of cashew nuts according to AFI.

In Vietnam, Binh Phuoc is known as the best supplier of cashew nuts.

Image: Internet

3. Origin, geographical conditions and soil of cashew growing areas

The origin of cashew nuts significantly affects their quality and nutritional composition. In fact, cashews harvested in different places will have a quality difference significantly. Good soil will produce nutritious cashews, uniform size and bright colors. All these factors will significantly affect the price of cashews when sold to the market.

In Vietnam, Binh Phuoc is known as the best supplier of cashew nuts. The climate and soil of Binh Phuoc are suitable for cashew development; and create products of superior quality over other lands

With the advantage of abundant material sources; Over the past 17 years, Vietnam has always been the world’s leading cashew exporter. It is the superior quality of these products; helped Vietnam stand in the most demanding markets such as the US, EU ..

4. Other factors

In addition to the factors mentioned above, cashew nut prices depend on the following criteria:

+ Crop: cashews at the beginning of the season usually have higher prices; Because cashews early in the season often have the advantage of beautiful seeds, evenly colored, high quality nutrition. In addition, the off-season is also more expensive than the main crop.

+ Market fluctuations due to objective factors: natural disasters, epidemics are one of the unforeseen factors that also significantly affect the domestic and world cashew prices. The current covid epidemic is a prime example.

II. Reference price list

Below is the price list of unprocessed live cashews in July 2020 at Asia Commodities.

Currently, due to the strong impact of Covid 19 epidemic, cashew processing and exporting activities face many difficulties. Therefore, businesses need to be very careful, learn and analyze market information of raw and cashew nuts from many sources; Based on the actual situation and ability of the enterprise to make appropriate decisions, avoid risks and losses.