Over 6 years in the field of agricultural exports

ASIA COMMODITIES is one of the pioneers of success in the export of peppers, rice, cashew, coffee in the country to the neighboring countries and the world!

More than 6 years in the field of exporting agricultural products, we are proud to bring international friends the clean and elite products of Vietnamese agriculture. Currently, ASIA COMMODITIES products are available in the US – one of the most demanding markets in the world, extending across Asia and Europe. The high quality of these products, rice, coffee has created a firm belief with partners, helping Vietnam affirm the image of a country rich in agricultural resources.

Our Values

  • We have decades of experience in processing different types of agricultural products to accommodate our customers food safety specifications.
  • We know the importance for our customers of receiving a dependable and consistent product. We provide a high-quality product by combining ad.vanced electronic processing equipment with highly focused and well-trained personnel.
  • Every product that leaves our facility has gone through a series of specialized pieces of equipment including optical scanners and been reviewed on conveyors by personnel before being packed and shipped.
  • Furthermore, our geographic location provides the optimum weather to produce the best quality products in the world, and at Asia Commodities, we take great pride in our commitment to growing and packing the top grade in agricultural products.
  • We work with other growers around the world to supply our customers with the best products for their needs.

In addition, all activities in Asia Commodities are led and guided by the motto of business ethics and reputation as the head. We are deeply aware of the relationship between business and consumer health and the influence of national brand image on the world. Therefore, each human factor and product in Asia Commodities is the filter, is the effort to improve and improve the quality every day. We are gradually demonstrating that prestige and ethics are the key determinants of today’s Asia Commodities.

With the desire to expanding our brand to most of the world’s big markets, including Europe, America, USA, Africa, China, India, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and so on, we are striving to make company brand become providers, distributors of clean products, top quality Vietnamese products and contribute to launch Vietnam’s agricultural products to the global market.

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