Update coffee prices on December 2: the prices of 2 world exchanges are all red.

Coffee prices on December 2 were in the range of 32,200 – 32,700 VND / kg, down for the second consecutive session. Harvest in Vietnam continues to slow down due to recurrent floods in the Central Highlands.

Update prices of domestic coffee beans on December 2, 2020

In Di Linh district, Lam Ha, Bao Loc (Lam Dong), today’s coffee prices were purchased at 32,200 VND / kg.

In Cu M’gar district (Dak Lak), the coffee price today is 32,700 VND / kg. Meanwhile, In Ea H’leo (Dak Lak), Buon Ho (Dak Lak), the coffee price today was purchased at the same level of 32,600 VND / kg.

Similarly in Dak Nong province, the coffee price purchased today was 32,600 VND / kg at Gia Nghia and Dak R’lap).

In Gia Lai province, today’s coffee price is 32,600 VND / kg (Chu Prong), in Pleiku and La Grai the same price is 32,700 VND / kg. Today, coffee prices in Kon Tum province are purchased at 32,500 VND / kg. Thus, the price of coffee in the country today decreased by 300-400 VND / kg.

Export Robusta coffee price type 2, 5% broken black, stood at 1,468 USD / ton, FOB – HCM, with a difference plus 60-80 USD / ton in term of March in London.

Update coffee prices on the world market on December 2

Ending the session, Robusta coffee prices on ICE Europe – London continued to decline. Futures for delivery in January decreased by 18 USD, down to 1,383 USD / ton and futures for delivery in March decreased by 17 USD, to 1,388 USD / ton, the decreases were very significant. Trading volume is at medium level.

Similarly, Arabica coffee prices on the ICE US – New York floor also continued to decline. Futures for delivery in March decreased by 4.85 cents, down 118.45 cents / lb and for May futures decreased by 4.7 cents, to 120.4 cents / lb, the declines very strongly. Trading volume remained quite high above average.

Robusta coffee prices (ICE Futures Europe)

Period Fix price Change % Volume High Low Opening Price Yesterday Open interest
01/21 1383 -18 -1.28 6409 1409 1378 1404 1401 35811
03/21 1388 -17 -1.21 4337 1412 1385 1406 1405 33226
05/21 1400 -14 -0.99 1215 1420 1396 1420 1414 15294
07/21 1416 -12 -0.84 512 1432 1413 1430 1428 15660

Unit: USD($)/ ton | Units Per Transaction: lot = 10 ton

Arabica coffee prices (ICE Futures US)

Period Fix price Change % Volume High Low Opening Price Yesterday Open interest
12/20 115.65 -5.05 -4.18 121 120.2 115.65 120.2 120.7 791
03/21 118.45 -4.85 -3.93 26346 123.9 117.85 123.45 123.3 115344
05/21 120.4 -4.70 -3.76 9486 125.7 119.85 125.25 125.1 44081
07/21 122.05 -4.65 -3.67 4446 127.25 121.5 126.7 126.7 36322

Unit: USD Cent/lb | 1USD = 100cent | 1Lb ~= 0.45Kg | Units Per Transaction: lot = 37,500 lb

Reais copper rose sharply to 2.24%, to stand at $ 1 = 5.2280 Reais in an optimistic global session before reports of many positive economic growth, in the context of many countries still real. current measures of social gap and the possibility of vaccination soon this month.

US stocks rebounded again because there was more information that would resume negotiations on an unapproved capital financing package in the US Congress.

Comments on the coffee market

The main coffee regions in Brazil will have a lot of favorable rain next week for the development of coffee trees. This is the basis for speculation to increase net selling, although the market has just received more forecast that the 2021/2022 crop of Brazil will continue to decline sharply not only because of a “two year one” cycle.

According to the International Coffee Organization’s (ICO) October Trade Report, global coffee exports for the month reached 9.67 million bags, up 3.2% year-on-year. However, global exports in the past 12 months fell 3.7% from the previous 12 months, to only 127.49 million bags, including 78.46 million bags of Arabica coffee, down 6.38%. and 49.04 million bags of Robusta coffee, up 0.80%.

The speculative capital flows on the derivative markets have been flowing strongly to gold and crude oil due to the relatively high instant profits, while the speculators have returned to net selling quite strongly on both coffee markets. term due to “over-buying” in the previous period, causing prices to fall further. Besides, there is also the pressure to sell new crops from producers in Latin America and Vietnam after the weather is favorable to boost the harvest of the crop.

Source: giacaphe.com

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