The best way to store green coffee beans, roasted coffee and ground coffee

Proper storage of the coffee beans makes a big difference to the final taste of the brewed coffee. But what is the best way to store green coffee beans, roasted coffee and ground coffee?

From harvesting to preparation, the preservation of coffee through each stage will greatly determine the quality of coffee and the customer experience.

Unprocessed coffee has a longer storage period than processed coffee, coffee storage time is arranged in the following order: green coffee, roasted coffee, ground coffee.

1/ Factors affecting the quality of preserved coffee

There are many factors that directly affect the results of coffee preservation, but the most important are the following 4 factors:

+ Humidity

+ Temperature level

+ Light

+ Preservation time

How long can you store green coffee beans

How long can you store green coffee beans. Photo: Internet

2/ How to store green coffee beans?

How long can you store green coffee beans?

Exactly, if stored properly, green coffee beans can survive for up to 1 year. Even after a year, green coffee beans can be used to produce an aromatic and flavorful cup of coffee.

Green coffee is porous and hygroscopic, meaning that it easily adsorbs the smell of objects close by.

+ Moisture Levels

When green coffee beans are harvested but unprocessed, they have a moisture content of up to 50%. When coffee is packed and shipped for export, the moisture content of the bean should be only 11%.

Humidity is a factor that has a great impact on the quality of coffee. High humidity will lead to mold growth on the beans, whereas low humidity makes coffee beans dry and lose flavor.

+ Temperature

When the air is warmer, the humidity in the air also increases, so cool air is better for preserving coffee. Experts recommend that coffee should be stored at room temperature (15.6 – 21.1 ° C).

+ Light level

Exposure to direct sunlight dries the beans, but also reduces flavor and aroma. Experts recommend that green coffee beans be stored in a dark and light-poor place.

+ Preservation time

Prolonged storage time can reduce the quality and aroma of coffee beans.

The best time to store roasted coffee is less than 3 months

The best time to store roasted coffee is less than 3 months. Photo: Internet

3/ The best way to store roasted and ground coffee.

+ Roasted coffee.

The best time to store roasted coffee is less than 3 months if stored in a unidirectional foil bag. If you store roasted coffee in a glass container, it is best to keep them away from light, so keep the coffee beans in a cupboard.

Note, roasted coffee beans often produce carbon dioxide, which can reduce the flavor of coffee if not allowed to escape.

For the first 24 hours, after roasting, open a coffee container to allow carbon dioxide gas to escape. Alternatively, you can also use the valve bag to preserve roasted coffee. Valves allow carbon dioxide to escape without oxygen, but these bags are often expensive and hard to find.

If you do not use roasted coffee for 2 weeks, you should freeze the beans by putting them in a zip bag, vacuuming and putting them in the freezer. However, many people believe that storing in the refrigerator can condense the moisture remaining in the coffee beans thereby diluting their flavor. In addition to keeping the coffee in the fridge also makes them able to absorb some of the aroma in the refrigerator, which loses the flavor of the coffee.

Ground coffee is the most volatile form of coffee

Ground coffee is the most volatile form of coffee. Photo: Internet

+ Ground coffee.

Ground coffee is the most volatile form of coffee, the storage time of ground coffee is only a few days is best. They are best stored in airtight coffee containers and protected from light.

Freezing frozen is not a best choice for ground coffee. It is best to store ground coffee in a cool place and outside of the refrigerator.

To get the best coffee quality, do not store coffee for long.

Above are some things to keep in mind when preserving coffee, applied to both bulk and retail purchases. If you have other ways of preserving, leave us a comment to let us know.

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