Robusta coffee and Arabica coffee: What’s the difference?

Distinguishing correctly and understanding about Robusta and Arabica Coffee is the secret to help you successfully brew coffee cups with a unique, special and unique flavor.

I/ 6 differences between Robusta and Arabica Coffee.

It is not difficult to distinguish these two popular types of coffee, if you remember the 6 secrets below.

  1. The Shape

+ Arabica: Arabica coffee beans have long elliptical shape, groove between seeds has wavy shape

+ Robusta: Robusta coffee beans are slightly round in shape, small in size, grooves hold seeds in a straight line

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differences between Arabica and Robusta Coffee

Differences between Arabica and Robusta Coffee.

  1. Caffeine Content

+ Arabica: The caffeine content of Arabica accounts for only 1.5%

+ Robusta: The caffeine content in Robusta accounts for 2.5% – almost double that of Arabica.

In addition, in terms of lipids and sugar content, Arabica contains 60% more lipids and twice as much sugar as Robusta.

This is also a key factor that makes the difference in the taste of these 2 coffee products.

  1. The roasting process

+ Arabica – wet processing: Arabica coffee berries after harvest will be fermented by soaking in water to bloom, then washed and dried.

+ Robusta – dry processing: Robusta Café after harvest will be dried directly without fermentation. Roasting requires stricter temperatures of 230-240 degrees Celsius.

Processing methods vary between arabica coffee and robusta coffee

Processing methods vary between arabica coffee and robusta coffee

  1. Aroma and taste

+ Arabica: undergoing fermentation, it has a slightly sour taste, after swallowing it has a bitter taste. In particular, because this line of coffee contains a lot of aroma, after preparation often has a very charming aroma.

Arabica is very popular in Europe, with outstanding drink names such as Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, …

+ Robusta: Due to direct drying, it has a high bitterness and less aromatic than Arabica. The taste of Robusta ranges from neutral to bitter.

  1. Colors

When roasted at the same temperature, the color of Arabica is always lighter because its grain characteristics are very solid.

In addition, Arabica has poor bloom so after roasting, Arabica seeds are usually smaller in size with Robusta.

In contrast, Robusta has many characteristics of blooming, fragile so Robusta seeds are always softer and have a larger size than Arabica.

  1. Growing Conditions

About 75% of the world’s coffee production is Arabica, about 25% being Robusta. Brazil is the most significant Arabica producer and Vietnam produces the most Robusta.

Arabica Robusta
Planting altitude (m) 800 -1200 0 – 900
Amount of rain (mm) 1200 – 2200 2200 – 3000
Temperature (°C) 15 – 24 18 – 36

II/ The secret to mixing Robusta and Arabica to make a premium drink.

If Arabica is considered to have a special aftertaste, attractive aroma, easy to drink but somewhat less bitter, Robusta is the perfect complement because they are not too fragrant but have a bitter taste mixed with sweetness.

Today, mixing these 2 lines of coffee into a premium drink is increasingly popular and getting the love of many coffee devotees.

The secret to mixing Arabica and Robusta to make a premium drink.

The secret to mixing Arabica and Robusta to make a premium drink.

Depending on the preferences and characteristics of each type, the mixing ratio of Robusta and Arabica coffee also varies, the commonly used mixing ratios include:

+ 30% Arabica and 70% Robusta

+ 50% Arabica and 50% Robusta

+ 70% Arabica and 30% Robusta

+ 85% Arabica and 15% Robusta

The more Robusta Coffee ingredients, the darker the taste, suitable for bitter gu people, the more the Arabica ingredient, the more seductive the fragrance, the easier it is to drink, the more delicious the aftertaste.

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