29 November2019

Origin and excellent value of soybeans

Soybeans are an Asian legume that is an important source of protein in many modern diets. Soy plants have scientific name: Glycine max, family: Fabaceae, set: Fabales and root in Central and South America. Soybean (soybean) is a very protein-rich plant because it contains a significant amount of non-replaceable amino acids needed by the body. […]

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18 November2019

How is the best Vietnamese rice in the world special? Where to buy?

ST25 rice is a specialty rice in Soc Trang, popular with consumers. On November 12, Vietnam’s ST25 rice was awarded the world’s best award after surpassing Thai and Cambodian rice at World’s Best Rice contest, organized by The Rice Trader in Manila, Philippines. ST25 rice belongs to the ST aromatic rice line with many different […]