A day of containerization at the factory of Asia Commodities

As an enterprise with many contributions to bringing Vietnam’s agricultural products to international friends, for many years Asia Commodities’ green coffee products have been one of the items that have created a reputation and made a strong impression on partners across five continents.

Incubating the desire to become a potential supplier of high quality coffee, being the first choice for international partners, we have expanded production scale, focused on technology investment, construction and Completing the coffee processing plant in Binh Duong in early 2019.

In the sweltering sunshine of one August morning, when the Covid 19 epidemic was still complicated outside, a new day at our factory had begun.

A day of containerization at the factory of Asia Commodities

A day of containerization at the factory of Asia Commodities

First, the container will be inspected again to ensure there are no defects before packing. Previously, when the carrier delivered the container, these containers were carefully inspected through 5 steps: outside inspection, inside inspection, container door inspection, container cleaning status and parameter checking. engineering of the container. This meticulous inspection of the container will help to avoid cargo loss caused by a container defect.

After being sure of the safety of the container, the container will be hung desiccant bags to prevent coffee from being damaged during long-term transportation. After that, workers will carry out lining the floor, wall and ceiling of the container by carton and the packing work will officially begin.

Coffee jute bags are taken down the container by conveyor belts, closely arranged by workers under the close direction of managers and verifiers. During the packing process, the 3rd party inspector will take samples and inspect the product. The packing process is only completed when the container is closed, sealed and transported to the port.

Every working day at the factory of Asia Commodities always takes place with the mood of excitement and passion of the factory staff. As a reputable green coffee producer in Vietnam, each order is handed over to our partners across the five continents, and we all appreciate our enthusiasm and pride in Vietnamese agricultural products.

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Asia Commodities’ aspiration to dominate the market and raise the level of Vietnamese agricultural products.

Vietnam possesses an abundant source of Robusta coffee, is the second largest coffee exporter in the world. However, most of the coffee exported abroad has a lower value than other countries.

Along with the cashew processing factory and 2 rice processing factories operating very efficiently, our coffee processing plant was born to meet the desire to bring customers a source of outstanding coffee. , well tested and at the best price.

For that reason, from the first days of building the factory, Asia Commodities has focused on investing in modern technology; training high quality human resources for management and operation.


The completely self-contained production process, good quality imported machinery and equipment, such as the MDBX 600 color shot machine, the SATAKE RNEZX4500 polishing machine … … all are the latest equipment on the market. .

In particular, the team of operators are coffee-savvy people, there are people who have lived and worked with indigenous people for nearly 20 years in places considered the coffee country of Vietnam. Therefore, the selection of the input coffee source is strictly controlled and guaranteed.

And, Sweet Fruit after years of hard-working dedication to the agricultural industry that Asia Commodities has is the trust and long-term cooperation of your partners around the world.

The international markets of our company

The international markets of our companyAsia Commodities understands that, focusing on quality not only helps build prestige for the brand, but also contributes to enhancing the position of Vietnamese agricultural products in the international arena.

Although there are still many shortcomings, we are still completing our production process day by day, improving our expertise to be confident as a leading supplier of clean coffee. The journey ahead is still arduous, but Asia Commodities will never forget the kind aspirations that had been in place since the beginning.

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